Coffee Pod Recycling Project

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot mug of quality coffee in the morning?

Many households and business make use of coffee machines that utilise a variety of coffee pods to suit their desired flavour. Unfortunately, the pods have a significant impact on the environment because of its use of mixed plastics and aluminium.

Luckily coffee makers are catching on and are committed to producing pods with recycled or compostable capsules. It is for this reason the collection and recycling of coffee pods has fast become a valuable business.

The recycled aluminium is smelted and recycled into objects such as car spare parts, drink cans and bicycles if not reproduced into coffee pods.


There are also lots of benefits of recycling aluminium; it can have an amazing lifespan, either through its use in durable products or because it can be recycled again and again without losing its technical properties. Recycling aluminium also requires 20 times less energy than producing it directly from ore.

We are encouraging you to collect your empty coffee pods separately from your other recyclable items, so that we can deposit them at buy-back centres separately and monitor the profit received on selling the coffee pods, which will be donated to a worthy charity on an annual basis.

Our Coffee Pod Project is supported by

SA Home Loans

For those who do not recycle with us and would like to drop off their coffee pods, our collection point is at any SA Home Loans branch in South Africa.


Helping Society

Because we believe in helping the environment, we also believe in helping society. All profit generated through sales of recyclable waste is donated to local charities for children and animals. Our goal is to help those less fortuante, through our recycling initiatives.

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