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We collect and assemble all recyclable waste from various homes across East London and deliver it to recycling companies to reconstruct and incorporate back into society.

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Committed to doing our part for the environment

We assist in cleaning up as much reusable waste in households as possible. All the waste collected is sold to recycling businesses for a profit.


Established in October 2017, Monique Lottering, the founder of Smart Waste-ed who is a full-time employee found herself unable to throw away purity bottles after having her baby in 2016. Soon her cupboards were filled with purity bottles and the collection grew to plastic containers, egg boxes and anything else she felt could be a valuable recycling item. She started researching on how to do her bit on saving the planet through recycling.

Always enthusiastic about participating in worthy charities, it suddenly dawned on Monique that she could combine her two passions by starting a recycling projects and using the proceed for charity. That first purity bottle that fed her baby was the catalyst for the project and she is hoping the initiative will feed many other underprivileged babies.

Our Goal

It is important for everyone to become environmentally conscious and start taking responsibility for the waste that leaves their home. We need to shift our focus to re-using, reducing and reshaping of waste that currently makes its way to the already overburdened landfills, streets, parks and oceans. Our goal is to encourage East London households to be participate in our recycling initiative and thereby give back to the community we love so much.


We believe in helping the environment and society. All income generated through sales of recyclable waste is donated to charities and other community projects. By supporting us by recycling at home and contributing towards a cleaner environment, you will also be supporting the disadvantaged.

How It Works

Each household is responsible for their own recycling. Whether you choose to collect in labelled recycling bins or collect in black bags, separated and categorised or all mixed up in one big bag, how you collect is totally up to you! We have employed ladies who sort the recycling, make eco-bricks and clean out the coffee pods, so you can leave all that work for us. This is how we create employment through recycling and hope to employ many more as we grow. We do request, however, to prevent vermin and roach infestation at our assembling and sorting garage, that you rinse out as much of your recycling as possible. It is not compulsory to do so but it would help us keep everything free of pests and bacteria. Please flatten large boxes or cut them up, makes transportation easier. On collection days, please place all your recycling material outside in black bags (or bags of preference), as you would your normal refuse bags or inform us if you have a domestic when you are not at home and we will ring the bell for collection. We collect your waste, sell it, and the profit thereof goes solely to charities.

What will it cost you?

We collect all recyclable materials once a month or every two weeks in East London and Gonubie suburbs. Your service fee goes towards transportation/fuel costs and payment of employees hired to sort the waste. Service fees are due on the 5th of every month.

R75 a month for collection once a month – East London, Gonubie, East Coast & Kidd’s Beach

R110 a month for collection every second week – East London

R130 a month for collection every second week – Gonubie, East Coast & Kidd’s Beach

Businesses & Complexes: R230 – R500 (Depending on size) a month for collection once a week

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